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This cop looks like he’s hopped up on V, but that megaphone gun is hella cool.

I think “stick and bags” is just about the least erotic description I’ve ever heard

Shouldn’t it hurt to have your tongue and dick full of holes?

Aoba, Dramatical Murder

Asking the real questions

Aoba really needs to stop brosplaining this to himself and do it or not.  His inner monologue here is actually super annoying.

I can’t help but think that the effort expanded going up the stairs and shit made this /less/ efficient than if they had just done it on the couch.

"WTF is up with these kids and their efficient blowjobs?"

That’s a valid thing to ponder.

Playing through Noiz’s game and I have to say that his current argument is very persuasive.  ”We should 69 because it’s the most efficient use of our time.”

Like…  that’s not how sex works, but do totally have shit to do, so…


Wearing a suit that fits makes the world of difference.

Or watch an informative video on it. (source)


That about sums it up.


That about sums it up.