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How to use your white privilege

This video popped up. And it made it’s way to a LOT of Tumblr blogs. This is by far my most popular post and yet. the one I most regret.

See, this is a “throw away” post (Throw Away = A post with little sub-context). It was meant to answer one person’s question. I had no idea that by redirecting this post to someone that it would make the rounds that it did. (It even got a youtuber’s attention) 

I didn’t get a chance to add more flavor to the post. And thus, make it a post that I didn’t really like too much.

But now that I see it back on my notifications, I would like to add something to this. Simply put…

this is not the ultimate way to help someone a person of color out. It’s just a way. You don’t want to help “fight battles” every chance you get. Nor do you want to help every single person who can’t fight their own battles.

It all really depends on the situation. 

When it comes to helping, you have to use your judgement. Sometimes, helping a measly bit, such as saying “hey, why ARE you asking her for all this?” may give them the edge needed. But sometimes, we may not want to draw attention. 

What you really should do is look at the person being “assaulted” and act accordingly to your own soul. If a person is already saying “this isn’t right”, and you’re in the mood for it, just be a “backup singer” and echo what was said. If the person can’t really step up, and you can, then maybe you can do what they can’t.

It’s really a matter of using your common sense. 

The overall message is you should look at a PoC like they are just another person. If you’re thinking “that’s an angry Black Woman” and not “that’s an angry woman”, then what you’re saying is that Black women can be angry just because that’s how they ALWAYS are. And when helping someone while “using your White privilege”, make sure your voice is never louder than the victim. 

I feel that while it’s a good start, this short clip oversimplified a solution. 


Accidentally hit a room mate right in the childhood with this one. 


Someone messaged me and told me about this really strange game. 

This game is called Loved but it does the exact opposite. It makes the player feel guilty and bad. It’s also kind of trippy. 

Anyway you gotta experience it for yourself.

No screamers I promise! 

Let’s hope my blog doesn’t overwhelm this game again like it did with past websites and games!


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